Cakes & Tortes

cake1Blackberry Mousse Torte

Our Blackberry Mousse Torte is available each Spring and Summer.  It is made with layers of vanilla sponge cake soaked with a blackberry liqueur syrup and filled with blackberry mousse.  It is surrounded by either almond decor or a decorative white chocolate.  It is sorely missed during the Fall and Winter months!


Our cake options and  flavors change seasonally.  For a complete list and full descriptions, see our seasonal menu.

Customer favorites include cakes such as our Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake, Hazelnut Torte, Lemon Raspberry Cake, Vanilla Bean Cake, Opera Torte and our famously popular Carrot Cake made with oodles of carrots, cinnamon, walnuts and cream cheese frosting!



Our fillings are all made with the finest chocolates, cream, butter and eggs resulting in flavors and textures that will delight and awaken your palate!  We never use substitutes, shortenings or preservatives.

Some of our popular frostings and fillings include delicate and creamy vanilla pastry cream, rich, dark chocolate frosting, fluffy Italian meringue and buttercreams of all flavors!