Since 2004, CocoLuxe Fine Pastries has been serving artisan pastries derived from classic European recipes.   From our silky rich hot chocolate to our buttery and flaky croissants, we continually strive to provide an experience for your taste buds that cannot be matched!

Depending on the aromas wafting from the kitchen, you might be able to determine the day of the week!  If the smell of cinnamon is enticing you, it could be Sunday morning, as that is the day our soft and fragrant cinnamon rolls are baked.  If it's the smell of chocolate that's calling you, we may have our Old Fashioned Chocolate cakes in the oven!  And everyday you'll appreciate the aromatic pleasure of our espresso or our own CocoLuxe blend of coffee!


We invite you to come to CocoLuxe for a brief respite from your hectic world.  Our menu changes seasonally, so you can enjoy seasonal treats like pumpkin meringue tarts or pink fondant covered bunny sugar cookies! We can satisfy whatever your sweet Achilles heel might be!



pumpkin latte

Stop in for a delicious cappuccino, latte or our own house made hot chocolate. See what our monthly drink special might be!


Flourless chocolate hearts are great for any occasion! Great to serve as a dessert with an accompaniment of fresh raspberries or vanilla gelato!

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